BBC News Proxy Streaming from Outside the UK

The BBC haven’t always streamed the BBC News over the internet, in fact it was noticeably missing from the initial releases of the BBC iPlayer for a few years. There are a few other programmes which were omitted, for example there was always a delay put on Match of the Day presumably for contractual reasons. However now that BBC has it’s own dedicated 24 hour News channel, it’s great news to see that it’s simultaneously broadcast live online on their web site.

Using a bbc news proxy

You can see the tab illustrated which leads to the live TV streaming section including the BBC News channel.   However many people outside the UK will have problems finding this link as it simply doesn’t exist on the version you get outside the UK.  It’s called the ‘International version’ and anyone not in the UK will be redirected to this site.   The site is good but it’s missing all the TV stations and the BBC iPlayer functionality, even if you go there directly you’ll get blocked whenever you try and play anything.

A BBC News Proxy in Action

Yet fear not, millions (and that’s not an exaggeration) watch the BBC News and all UK TV channels from all over the world.  When you appreciate the amount of programmes available on the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub for example you’ll realise why people make the effort.  For many of us online access to the BBC iPlayer is way more valuable than a cable subscription which can cost a small fortune.

For those of us feeling a little bit stranded in mainland Europe after the disappointment over Brexit it genuinely feels like a lifeline.  Access to proper journalism is only appreciated when you have relied on social media for a while.

Like this post for example found on Facebook !

Got me worried, I can tell you !  Can you guess which European country I’m trying to access the BBC News from.  Anyway it apparently is slightly misleading and it wasn’t due to UK passport holders being segregated into different queues.  It was apparently a training exercise for customs staff at  the airport that caused the problems.

It was actually mentioned on the BBC show – Newsnight which I watch every evening 1030 GMT via the live streaming function on the BBC site.   You can even stream the last few episodes from the iPlayer link too – BBC Newsnight on iPlayer

UK Proxy BBC  – the News and All the British TV Channels

Ironically Brexit would have actually made accessing the BBC online content for free a little bit more difficult.  The EU’s digital marketplace initiatives where forcing them to make the BBC accessible across Europe for all license fee holders.  This would have been great for legitimate viewers but would have probably involved an authentication process for everyone.

Anyway that’s unlikely to happen now and you can still watch the BBC by routing your connection through a proxy server based in the UK.  To be more specific it’s really a VPN which is harder to detect, but functions in almost the same way.  Don’t be worried about lots of rumours that the BBC is blocking all VPN programs that’s not entirely true.  Many have been blocked but the secure ones like Identity Cloaker still work perfectly,

Here’s a quick video entitled – BBC News Streaming over the Internet which you can also watch below:

As you can see the trick is to hide your location before you connect to the website. By logging on to a server physically located in the UK, you can access any of the BBC without issue simply because it will see the server’s UK address and not your real one. It has the added bonus of adding a layer of security and privacy to your internet connection too. This is because the connection between your computer and the VPN server is entirely encrypted which means both your identity is private but also all credentials you pass through the VPN are safe too.

It should be added that all the media companies try and block access to their sites through intermediary servers like proxies and VPNs. However there are still several companies who’s servers work perfectly well for accessing the BBC from anywhere in the world.

Further Reading about changing your IP address to a UK one  –

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