Changing Your IP Address Quickly

For those who work or spend a lot of time online, having one IP address is always enough. The problem is that the way the internet has developed the single address which is assigned to your internet connection is often at best inconvenient but often extremely limiting. The problem is that you have absolutely no control over the address which is assigned to you, yet it is used to control your access to many of the world’s biggest websites.


Take for example YouTube, when someone uploads a video they have the option to control which countries it is accessible from. So major publishers will often release in specific countries and deny access to others, your IP address is used to enforce these controls. Ever wanted to check the news or a TV show broadcast from a TV station based in a different country? Well most of the time you can’t because the vast majority of media streaming on these sites is restricted to the country they are based in. Want to watch the French News on a Parisian TV channel to improve your language skills? Sounds a sensible use of the internet, yet you’ll get blocked unless you get on a plane and take your laptop to France, crazy huh!

So that’s it the reality is that region locking alone will effectively block huge parts of the internet from every single one of us. I think my most frustrating experience of this was when I tried to listen to the cricket on holiday, I thought that I would be able to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK yet alas I was very wrong – you can only watch/listen to the BBC online from the UK.

Which is why people are starting to get fed up of this, after all the internet wasn’t designed to be segmented and blocked on all these levels. The solution is actually very simple, you just need the ability to switch your internet address when required – a quick IP changer to bypass the thousands of blocks and filters applied across the web.

How does This Work? Well it’s actually quite simple although you cannot change your real IP address, unless you happen to own an ISP – you can effectively hide your address by using proxies or VPN servers. All you do is to connect to a VPN server in a different country and then browse the internet as normal. Instead of seeing your real address the only visible IP address will be that of the VPN server, so by using a network of these servers across the world you can view any website you wish and effectively bypass any blocks based on location.

Realistically this could be a very difficult procedure continually reconnecting to different VPN servers but many companies have made this much simpler. They have implemented simple software programs which allow you to point and click to switch servers and effectively changing your IP address